The Science

The Only Naturally Regenerating Organ

The Science Behind Deer Antler Velvet

A small but rapidly increasing number of people are becoming familiar with the positive health benefits which come from the taking of products made from the antlers in their growth stage – what’s called Deer Antler Stax™. Antler velvet is the name given to "young" antlers because they are covered in soft fury velvet. These newly forming antlers are made up of cartilage and contain blood vessels and nerves. Antlers are the only mammalian organ that regenerates annually.

We only use the “tips” on these antlers as they contain the greatest concentration of growth factors and amino acids. Others may use the whole antler thus diluting the powerful regenerative effects.

A Naturally Regenerating Organ

The cycle of annual antler regeneration in deer is a unique phenomenon among higher vertebrate animals. Although all mammals possess the ability to heal wounds, complete regeneration of an organ takes place in no other mammal. This means that each year the entire structure (including all its supportive blood vessels, nerves, skin, hair and sebaceous glands) appears, grows very rapidly at up to 2 cm/day, and then calcifies.

After the support structures regress, and the skin peels off, a hard bone structure remains, which itself will subsequently be discarded by the stag and replaced. So, velvet antler has some unique and interesting qualities, particularly its very fast growth rate and the fact it fully regenerates each year.

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