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Get STAX'ed with Velox Lab's Deer Antler Stax™

Unique IGF-1 Formula

Proven IGF-1 formula which has been producing results for over a decade.

Boost HGH Naturally

Regular use of Deer Antler Stax™ initiates a natural boost of HGH in your body.

Slow Down Father Time

Fight off old-age with age defying HGF boosting power of Deer Antler Stax™

Organically Sourced

Sourced from the naturally regenerative organ from deer - their antlers!

Proprietary BCAA Blend

Each drop full contains essential BCAAs, the building blocks of protien.

GABA Supplement Infused

GABA increases focus, heal the nervous system, and promote HGH production.

Why Start Using It?

The Benefits of Deer Antler Stax™ by Velox Labs

Fellas, as we age, our body naturally decreases HGH production. This doesn't mean it's over! Our Deer Antler Stax™ provides the boost your body needs to rejuvenate your physical capabilities, mental focus, and prowess.

Increased All-Day Energy
Noticably Better Mental Focus
Gains, Gains, and More Gains
Improved Performance... *wink*
Age-Defying Natural HGH Boost
Did We Mention Muscle Gain?

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Every day that you wait, you're encouraging the inevitable. Fight Father Time by reclaiming your youthful energy, improve your workouts, and feel like the old you again! Our combination of IGF-1, BCAA Blend, and GABA Supplements will rejuventate and restore what age has taken away.

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